Bar & Nightclub Entertainment:

Zorb Wars will help you get those extra customers through the door......

Just some of the venues to benefit from our Bar & Nightclub entertainment packages....

Provide something extra to to your customers.

Make them choose you instead of your competitiors.

Zorb Wars can provide our Zorbing, Sumo & Bouncy Castle, Kangaroo Boxing as well as our 'beat the keeper' to clubs & bars.

We have a successfully managed entertainment  within bars in the UK. We currently encourage applications from both the UK & 'party towns' across Europe for our attendance during the 2020 season.

The attractions are fully staffed. For clubs/bars etc. our staff promote the activity throughout the day leading up to the busy evening. Bars & Clubs use our attractions & expertise to increase numbers at their venue. This tactic proves to be particularly successful in areas containing a number of drinking establishments within a small area.

Please contact our corporate representative on 0333 733 1345 to discuss further.


*Our 'beat the keeper' feature requires the construction of our BTK arena, so a long term agreement is required - this is usually expected to be 28 days or more for clubs & bars.