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Experience is the key to a brilliant Zorb War!

We celebrated our first anniversary in September and it is clear to us that our sessions are better than ever. We sat around a table in 2014 for our brainstorming session....a brainstorming session during which many of our zorbing games were born. Most of these games were an instant hit.

Our 'Bulldog Dash' is proving to be the most intense game. A game which gets everybody involved, with all players having to chip in to get their team the victory. This game has seen little modification since it's creation, such is it's popularity.

Bubble Football is the trusty game that initially made the body zorbs popular. We had intended to leave Bubble Football out of a Zorb War completely, but we are glad that we didn't. This game is simple to understand and makes for a simple introduction for all participants.

In our first year, we had a couple of main aims. As with any company, it is important to give customers your best possible service. This was step 1. With our 100% feedback ratings on Groupon, Trip Advisor, Facebook etc. we seem to be doing a good job. Our second goal was to learn from the customer, and we have. We have established that some games are more suited to adults than children. Some games that are enjoyed by children don't always translate well to adults. We know this now, where we maybe didn't at the very beginning.

When introducing ourselves to you at the start of the session, or even begin speaking to you via phone or e-mail leading up to your event, we have already started our research for the games. Whilst we plan our sessions in advance, we have no problem adapting them mid-session, based on the ages, personalities and fitness of a group.

With our increase in business, we have had an increase in staff numbers. These new staff members are all young and enthusiastic. They have bought with them an unreal level of commitment but, more impressively, they have also brought with them some new ideas. A second variation of the 'bulldog' game was created off the back of some suggestions by new team members....with great success. This new game is used in both adults & childrens sessions with maximum success.

Not all games have been successful. Unless a group asks (it is their session, after all) we have dropped 'Bubble Bowling' as, despite it sounding brilliant, it falls flat too regularly for our liking. We want all groups to have a smile on their face from start to finish. If this is at risk, we won't shy away from adapting our sessions.

Ultimately, we have learnt a lot from our first year, and hope to learn even more in year two. We believe that our honesty and willingness to continue adapting sessions, rather than adhering to a strict schedule, put us above other companies. Some choose to stick with just a game of Bubble Football. This is simple, and a safe business model. This doesn't interest us. We hope to still be learning 5, 10 & 20 years down the line. Our sessions will continue to change and adapt as the years go by....and this is just how we like it!

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