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Zorb Wars proudly host additional activities that can be used as part of an existing zorb session, or operated as individual events.

Check out the packages from the 'Home' page, find opportunities to use these activities as an add on from the 'Services & Prices' page, or contact us to build your own tailored event.

Giant Sumo Wrestling & Giant Kangaroo Boxing can also be added.


Combat Crossfire

Two teams, battling it out against each other!

Each player is protected by a mask and armed with a bow, with both teams firing arrows and grenades at each other (Don't worry too much... Our arrows all have soft foam tips)!

The battlefield is split into 2 halves, with each team having its own territory. The mission: take out the enemy and their targets before they take you out! This brilliant activity is perfect for adults or children. Great for birthday parties, stag or hen groups, groups of friends or work colleagues. A great activity either on its own or as part of a package.

Splatball MK.jpg


Get your gun and enter the arena, ready to shoot your friends or colleagues with our water based paintballs.

Suitable for all ages, our unique arena-based paintball games make for a great standalone activity or add-on to complete your event here at Willen Lake. Players will get stuck in to a variety of games with a mixture of goals such as shooting opponents, targets... or even staff!

This activity has proven most popular with school groups and as a stag party add-on.


Sumo Wrestling

Our sumo suits are available in a number of sizes, allowing all party members to get involved. This fun activity provides as much entertainment for the spectators as the participants themselves.

Players will climb into the giant suits and attempt to take down their equally ridiculously dressed competitor, usually on a 'first to three' basis.

This activity is best suited to parties, and best added at the end of a session... giving players one final opportunity to settle scores.


Kangaroo Boxing

Similar to the giant sumo, our giant kangaroo boxing gives an opportunity to go one-on-one with your friends/colleagues in a safe but competitive battle. Wearing giant suits, big kangaroo head, and even bigger boxing glove, players will punch, barge and wrestle to take the victory.

Giant kangaroo boxing can be added as the finale to a Zorb Wars or Combat Crossfire session, or included within a bespoke party package.

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