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What shoes should I wear?

Players are encouraged to wear any comfortable trainers. Trainers should be tied tightly.

Football boots with studs or blades cannot be worn as they may damage the zorbs and harm other players. Flip-flops are also deemed to be unsafe.


What clothes should I wear?

You should wear anything comfortable that allows free movement. Please refrain from wearing any clothing with sharp zips etc.

It gets extremely hot within the zorbs, so jeans & jackets are not recommended. Shorts & t-shirt is ideal, however you may wish to wear jogging bottoms as knees will make contact with the rubbercrumb based astroturf.

How old do players need to be?

We suggest that all players be aged 10 or above, but younger players above 1.2m in height can safely participate. There is no upper age limit.


Will my session still go ahead in rain or other poor weather?

Sessions will go ahead in the rain. We actually believe that the rain makes the activity more fun. We also operate sessions in the snow. Our state-of-the-art 4G pitch can deal with temperatures well below freezing.

If we deem a session to be unsafe, we will contact you in advance to advise.

If the weather is extremely poor and doesn't look like clearing a few hours in advance, and you would rather play in more settled weather, we are fairly easy going here at Zorb Wars and would be more than happy for you to call us to reschedule. Please call 0333 733 1345 as soon as possible (at least 3 hours before your booking). We may be carrying out a session, so please be patient whilst trying to contact us. A text message is acceptable notification. We will contact you by return to re-book your session.


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes. Here at Zorb Wars, we are fully aware that circumstances can change. We also want people who make a booking with us to feel no pressure with regards to organising their group of friends. With this in mind, as long as bookings are cancelled 48 hours in advance by calling 0333 733 1345, we will happily cancel without penalty.


Are Zorb Wars fully insured?

We are fully insured. Insurance documentation can be requested.

Is a Zorb War a contact activity?

Players are protected by inflatable zorbs with contact making up a large part of the activity. The zorbs keep you safe. Legs are exposed so care should be taken. Injuries are rare but they can happen. Players should be aware of this, and play at their own risk.

Are referees provided?

Every activity, within every session, is controlled by one of our experienced Zorb Wars referees. They are there to provide assistance to all players. They will advise on all aspects of safety, as well as how to get in/out of the zorbs.

Is parking available?

There is parking all around the facility. Zorb Wars don't operate the parking and, unfortunately, cannot influence the small charge made by the operator. Free parking spaces are available in various areas around a 20 minute walk from our location.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

As standard, most participants pay in cash on the day. Bank transfers & card payments are accepted. Bank transfers must be completed 24 hours in advance.

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